Day of action against Barnardo’s – 8 Nov

Following a series of documented assaults on migrant families held in Cedars, the appalling treatment of the Saleh family, and the damning HM Inspector of Prison’s report last month, anti-detention campaigners are calling on all concerned groups and individuals


Stop death charter flight to Sri Lanka, Tue 23rd Oct

Protest at 10am on Tuesday, 23rd October, at Harmondsworth & Colnbrook detention centres near Heathrow airport, London.

Nearest stations: West Drayton, Hatton Cross, Uxbridge. Call 07512 516926
for directions on the day.

The flight is supposed to be 3.30 from stansted so they set off several
hours earlier from harmondsworth, hence the timing.

On Tuesday, the British government will try to deport up to 60 people to Sri Lanka, where many of them are at serious risk of arrest, torture and even death.


Call for a NoBorders Convergence - London, 13 - 18 February 2012

NoBorders Convergence 2012London NoBorders, along with Goldsmiths students and other groups, are
organising a week-long convergence to be held in London between 13 - 18 February 2012. The aim is to get together to share our knowledge and experiences in relation to people's freedom of movement and the restrictions on it, and to share skills, network, strategise and take action. We seek to create a temporary space for the production of counter-narratives and practices to the very idea of governing people's movement through border controls.


Callout for Two Days of Action Against Racist Press - 2-3 July 2010

Autonomous, decentralised actions and protests against racist press across the UK -- 2nd – 3rd July 2010

Sick of being lied to?


European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine

Stop Deportation logo Stop Deportation, along with other groups in Europe, are proposing a European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine, with a focus on joint European mass deportation flights and Frontex. The proposed date is the first week of June 2010, 1st-6th.


Callout for the Noborder Camp in Calais - 23-29th June 2009

The Calais No Border camp is a joint venture between French and Belgian activists and migrant support groups and the UK No Borders Network. It aims to highlight the realities of the situation in Calais and Northern France; to build links with the migrant communities; to help build links between migrants support groups; and lastly, but not least, to challenge the authorities on the ground, to protest against increased repression of migrants and local activists alike.


An Invitation to the Gatwick No Border Camp 2007

From 19th to 24th September 07 we will gather at Gatwick Airport for the first No Border Camp in the UK. This camp will be a chance to work together to try and stop the building of a new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls.

Gatwick Aiport - The Border Point


No Border lasts forever!

No Border logoVarious noborder-groups and initiatives all over Europe and beyond have started to mobilize for a series of events between may and october 2010. These protest events will start on 23rd of may in Warsaw against the 5 year birthday "celebration" of the Frontex headquarter and they will end at 5th of October in Melilla in remembrance of the incidents in Ceuta and Melilla in September and October 2005. Read on for a (very brief) summary of the upcoming activities.


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