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Do you or a friend need help with migration issues? Do you want to join the struggle against border controls? The best thing to do is to get in touch with a group in your local area. Here is a list of groups we recommend. Not all of them call themselves "No Borders", but they are all doing good work in their own way. If you can't find a group near you in this list, you can email us at xxx. Also look at the bottom of the list for other useful contacts.


noborders-brum-contact ( at_)


brightonnoborders ( at_)


Mail to: bristolnoborders at


SnailMail to: Bristol No Borders, 14 Robertson Road, Bristol, BS5 6JY.


London No Borders email: noborderslondon ( at_)


leedsnoborders ( at_)

Tel: 0774 8010691
(links to Leeds site, up and running soon)

Informal organising meetings every other Wednesday 7-9pm
( July 11 and 25, Aug 1 and 22, Sep 5 and 19, Oct 3 and 17 and 31, Nov 14 and 28, Dec 12 )

Anti-deportation support group (information, support) every other Tuesday 5-7pm
(July 10th and 24th, August 7th and 21st, Sep 4th and 18th, Oct 2nd, 16th and 30th, Nov 13th and 27th, Dec 11th)

At The Common Place, 23-25 Wharf Street, LS 2 7EQ.
Between Kirkgate and The Calls.


manchesternoborders (at)


nobordersnortheast (at)



info (at_) nobordersnottingham





nobordersscotland (at_)


e-mail: noborderswales at


noborders wales currently meet every Thursday, 7pm at the PAD Social Centre at 118 Clifton Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings, though discrimination of any kind will not be welcomed

to join the discussion list see:


Sheffield Noborders can be contacted via their public email list:

No Borders network UK

The UK No Borders network is a decentralised network of local groups and individuals. That means: we don't have any central "office" or "committee" or "secretary" etc. Some of us volunteer to check the UK No Borders email address. Send us an email, and we will try to redirect you to someone who can help with your question. We keep in touch with each other mainly by using email lists. There is a public email list which you can join, and you will receive news and announcements about events in the UK and globally.

General email address:

No Borders UK general public mailinglist:

Other useful contacts