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No Borders UK is a network of groups and individuals who struggle against borders and immigration controls and strive for freedom of movement for all. Learn more

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About No Borders

No Borders is a network of groups and individuals who fight against borders and immigration controls. We believe in freedom of movement for all.

The No Borders network in Europe began in 1999, with a first trans-national meeting in Amsterdam in December 1999. Since then there have been many Europe-wide gatherings and camps, and people have started local groups from Spain to Serbia, Sweden to Turkey.


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Find a local group

Do you or a friend need help with migration issues? Do you want to join the struggle against border controls? The best thing to do is to get in touch with a group in your local area. Here is a list of groups we recommend. Not all of them call themselves "No Borders", but they are all doing good work in their own way. If you can't find a group near you in this list, you can email us at xxx. Also look at the bottom of the list for other useful contacts.

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